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T4L loves - a roundup of things we're loving in Week 8

Old newspapers

It’s a newspaper Mama!

SMH archives at the SLNSW – is that enough acronyms for you? Your students can now have a blast discovering the past by accessing the Sydney Morning Herald archives through the State Library of NSW. Why don’t you get students to find out what was happening in Sydney-town or NSW on the day they were born? More likely than not, they’ll find a treasure trove of news, photos, old-fashioned ads and classifieds to give them a window into their past. There are plenty of archives to choose from - all you need is your local library card which you can sign up for – you can also take your searches broader with Trove, the National Library of Australia archive hub. 

The Future of the Classroom – a report 

The Google for Education team has been busy completing some research into what the future of education might look like and have released a report that makes for interesting reading. The Future of the Classroom report explores teaching processes, the impact of the digital as well as looking to the future of work. There is loads of information to assist your school planning and perhaps justify some of those digital programs and initiatives you have been wanting to explore. Presented in a format where you can just grab the key takeaways or delve deeper, it is worth a look, even in those few minutes while you’re waiting for the staff meeting to start. 

More on AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

Did you realise that within many of the creative programs you and your students use, AI is working in the background to suggest changes, supercharge processes and more? What are the consequences of AI and how does it work? Is it magic or the power of loads of data, combined with many and varied computations and permutations? Have we caught your attention? Take a listen to Download this Show on your favourite platform as the team from the ABC take a deep dive. Make sure you have a listen first before sharing with students.  

Please note: The resources above are not necessarily endorsed or supported by the T4L team or NSW Department of Education; they have been provided for informational purposes only.