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Celebrating IWD 2021

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How are you celebrating or marking International Women’s Day this year? The theme worldwide is choose to challenge. Are you going to be an agent of change in your life – a colleague’s life – or your students’ lives? Start small, think big and if you need some inspiration, check out three quick and easy T4L resources to get you going. 

Tune into one of our fabulous guests on the Virtual Staffroom podcast

The T4L team has met many inspiring women STEM leaders, why don’t you take a listen

  • Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith – astrophysicist and Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador (Episode 4) 

  • Lisy Kane – game developer and co-founder of Girl Geek Academy (Episode 9) 

  • Dr Catherine Ball from World of Drones (Episode 1) 

Check out our STEM leaders’ interviews

Here are two amazing women in STEM, interviewed by two amazing stem.T4L Leaders! Stem.T4L’s Kelly Burke interviewed Paulina Samy, Creative Director of DragonBear Studios around STEM Game Design and Mel Wood Spoke with Professor Sarah Johnson from the University of Newcastle around Design Thinking.  

Get some innovation inspiration!

Catch up with teacher Jess McCarthy, who we profiled in issue 14 of magazine.T4L. Jess is an incredibly creative teacher incorporating STEM into loads of her students’ work, including this fabulous story on creating and ‘hanging’ virtual art exhibits.