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Develop your coding skills with Apple

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Did you know you can learn more about teaching code K-12 with Apple? Take a look here for more information on the Everyone can Create guides, developing code in Swift and Swift coding clubs.


Everyone Can Code Early Learners – introduces computational thinking in the early years. Through engaging and often off-screen activities, students K-3 can build a foundation in core coding concepts through subjects including science, art, music and PE. For example, a lesson on coding commands is taught through dance moves, and an activity on functions asks students to discuss calming techniques step by step, connecting to social emotional learning. 

Access the curriculum guide here

Learn more about Everyone Can Code in the Early Years.


Empower the next generation of app developers by starting to teach app development. The Develop in Swift guides are flexible enough to help you support students brand new to coding and those with advanced skills. The lessons provide practical experience developing apps with Swift in Xcode, the integrated development environment professional developers use to build real apps. Check out the curriculum guide and learn more about how you can teach Swift with the free new professional development course.

Even more Apple coding resources!

  1. Look to explore the power of coding further? Watch this video and be inspired! 

  2. Want some activities? Here are ten in an easy download - to dip your students’ toes into the coding waters!

  3. Want to explore inclusive app design with a special Hour of Code activity that spans Stages 3-6? Have a look at this great Apple Teacher event (external).