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STEM on the iPad

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Students become scientists, technologists, engineers and investigators when they engage in meaningful STEM context. iPad is a great way to capture questions, investigate the processes or reflect on experiences. You can stretch and develop those computational thinking muscles, prototype apps and even code with Swift in Swift Playgrounds on iPad. 

Here’s how you can start tomorrow with STEM on the iPad in your classroom. 


Start Coding with Everyone Can Code

Everyone Can Code is a free curriculum that supports the teaching of code using Swift Playgrounds. It all begins with Everyone Can Code Puzzles - a puzzle-based approach to learning to code. Everything that you need as a teacher to support this in your classroom is available in the free, Everyone Can Code Puzzles Guide.  

Start by looking at the student guide, the teacher guide or Apple Teacher


Code with Augmented Reality 

Engage in a coding experience that combines Augmented Reality, art and computational thinking. Swift Playground’s Augmented Reality playground takes you through an art design experience using Augmented Reality, fluorescent snails and crazy sound effects.  

Get started by downloading Swift Playgrounds and adding the Augmented Reality playground.


Design an App with the App Prototyping Showcase 

Figure out how you would solve a real-world problem by prototyping and testing an app. The App Prototyping Showcase helps facilitate the design process with an age-appropriate design workbook and even gives tips on how your students can share their work in a virtual or face to face App Showcase.  

Download the App Prototyping guide or the App Design Journal for Keynote.


Start a Coding Club 

Whether you want to start a coding club in class, at lunch time or after school, have a look at the free Swift Coding Club resources. The Swift Coding Club is a great place to start. Each lesson is easy to understand and contains both offline and on device activities.  

Get started with the Swift Coding Club resources.


Develop in Swift Professional Learning Course 

If you’re going to support students developing their own apps on Mac with Xcode, you might like a bit of support. This free course is available to prepare educators to teach the introductory course Develop in Swift Explorations. Participants will learn the foundational knowledge needed to teach Swift and Xcode directly from Apple experts, making this an ideal introductory course for teaching Develop in Swift in any educational environment. 

Sign up and learn more


And of course, if you have questions or you’re not sure where to begin - chat to an Apple Professional Learning Specialist for free for ideas and next steps. These free virtual 30-minute coaching sessions with Apple Professional Learning Specialists are available to help educators with all teaching and learning with Apple technology questions big or small.  

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