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More great robots in the lab!

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T4L innovators Joe and Greig have been testing new robots with great features! You may have already read about some of them in Issue 10 of magazine.t4l, but here’s two more we couldn’t resist sharing with you. All are available on EdBuy.  

Sphero RVR

Micro:bit Robot


Who was Seymour Papert?

Seymour Papert (1928-2016) was a South African mathematician, computer scientist and educator and the father of Constructionism. He founded the idea that learners develop problem-solving skills by doing and building. Papert developed a programming language called Logo while studying at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), creating a small robot called the ‘Logo turtle’ which encouraged children to solve problems using this coding language. It was the forerunner to modern robotics and inspired the Root robot reviewed in Issue 10 of the magazine.  

Fun fact 

Did you know that Papert invented the term mindstorms – to describe how children learned using the Logo language – before he collaborated with LEGO on creating their Mindstorm range?