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Empowering literacy with Adobe

24 Aug 2020

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These days, Acrobat DC allows students and teachers to create and manipulate PDF documents, make digital portfolios, annotate, create online interactive form letters, manage online signatures, insert rich video and 3D media into a PDF and lots more. To help teachers understand more about the features of Acrobat, there is a new section of the Adobe Education Exchange called Go Paperless with your Teaching


This includes the following articles and tutorials:

Create fun, fillable digital worksheets for students with Acrobat DC

Adobe Scan is a free app for iPad, iPhones as well as Android tablets and phones. It turns your device into a portable scanner. 

Have a look at this YouTube clip titled Schoolwork From Home with Adobe Scan | Adobe Document Cloud. This clip demonstrates an example of Adobe Scan being used to digitise and share some geometry homework.

During the learning from home period, teachers and students experienced first-hand the value (and even necessity) of going paperless. Many students and teachers prefer to work with paper which is why an app like Adobe Scan can be very helpful converting paper-based work into digital work that can be communicated via a learning management system or another online tool.

Adobe Acrobat is also a tool that can be very helpful in the quest to be paperless. Here are some links to a series of tutorials within the Adobe Help Centre that can help teachers and students enhance their knowledge and skills with Acrobat DC:

There are currently over 860,000 teachers who have joined the Adobe in Education professional learning community through the Adobe Education Exchange. This is a great portal of support and a wonderful community of learning. At a local Australian level, each Wednesday evening the Adobe Education team run a live online show call Inject Creativity Live to help teachers develop their digital literacy and creativity skills.

Keep being creative!