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Apple tools for literacy and numeracy

Students sitting together and learning with technology


Creating a love of story, and empowering students to read to learn (and learn to read) can be supercharged with the effective use of iPad. And just like literacy, technology can create experiences that enhance the understanding of numbers and equip students to love maths and show their thinking in different ways. iPad offers many opportunities for students to make connections and synthesise learning in literacy, as well as articulate and reinforce strategies and thinking in numeracy. 


Apple teachers in action

Be inspired by teachers in action on Apple Teacher. Each of these links includes resources and authentic ideas that can support literacy in the classroom. Please note you will need an Apple Teacher account (which is free) to access these resources.

Create an interactive class book with Pages

Marc uses Pages to create a class book on how to make a positive change in the world around them. 

Bring historical figures to life

Amanda, an HSIE teacher, takes us through how to bring a historical figure to life through Keynote and podcasting.

Enhance EAL/D vocabulary with photo stories

Katie uses Keynote, and the Everyone Can Create Photo guide to create a photo story to support her EAL/D students.

Build vocabulary with annotated photos

Leticia shares how to encourage your students to make connections with new words and develop vocabulary using the Camera and Pages.

Tell a story with Clips

Develop skills for writing narrative by telling a story with Clips, a powerful free video creation tool for iPad. This example tells the story in the context of a unit on Space, and it can be applied to all areas of the syllabus.

Read free stories created by students

Check out the collection of free multitouch books on Apple Books created by students. Use this to launch your own students’ dreams of becoming authors with an authentic audience. Then encourage them to create their own piece of work using Pages! 


Support number sense with iPad

Learn more from a local teacher about how she supports her young mathematicians with Number Sense on iPad.

Explore number patterns with rhythm and beats

Mary shares an exciting lesson expanding her students’ maths skills with music.

Capture moments in motion

Explore gravity and your mass on different planets with the iPad Camera and Markup.

If you have questions or you’re not sure where to begin – you can chat to an Apple Professional Learning Specialist for free for ideas and next steps. These 30- minute virtual coaching sessions with Apple Professional Learning Specialists  are available to help educators with all teaching and learning with Apple technology questions, big or small.