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Y AI? Data Safari and Roundtable – A Report

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Have you heard of AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that describes a machine or computer program that uses features of human-like thinking such as prediction, pattern recognition, problem solving and forms of logical action to undertake a task.

Do you think it has a place in the classroom?

The use of AI in classrooms is still in its early stages of development; however it is already being used in instances such as auto-marking programs as well as predictive features of software programs.

AI offers many possibilities for personalised adaptive learning but at the same time presents profound ethical quandaries.

What are our responsibilities as Educators?

Educators need to develop foundational knowledge about AI in order to empower themselves and their students to thrive in an AI world.

How have the T4L Team responded?

In response to the possibilities and problems that AI poses, a group comprising university researchers, a policy-maker, an industry representative as well as the NSW Department of Education’s T4L Team organised the first national gathering on AI and school education held on the 2nd August 2019. The day was called ‘YAI? Roundtable and Data Safari’.

The purpose of the day was to gather the collective wisdom of education experts and industry to scope out current knowledge, practice, opportunities and concerns related to AI. A review was conducted of a range of industry stakeholders developing AI applications used in schools to deepen an informed perspective on state-of-play and the future of the technology.

What was the outcome and what are the next steps?

The organising team have produced a report on the Roundtable and Data Safari to broaden the knowledge and expand the conversation. In addition, a survey has been developed to gather the thoughts of educators on AI in School Education and finally, we are recruiting a team of AI Champions to further the discourse and the action around AI in School Education.

What can you do?

The exciting future of education is being driven by data, and its responsibility is in our hands!