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Are you a power searcher?

finger clicking on search bar


How quickly can you answer this question? 

What language would you have had to speak to understand coded British communications in the Somme at summer’s end in 1918?

Trawling the interwebs and can't find the answer? Save valuable time and get the right results, become a Power Searcher!

A casual Google search will only get you so far. So, how can you drill down, build your skills and get the information you need, faster than ever? 

Power searchers refine their searches based on the three ds to find what they need fast:

  • define
  • discover
  • distil

Check out the infographic below (click to download) for tips and tricks on refining and powering up your searches!

PS Here is the link to the answer!

Keen to learn more? Make sure you sign up to our Power Searching Webinar in Term 3.