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Drawing and design apps

Drawing and design apps - About Google Chrome Canvas and Microsoft Paint 3D


Drawing and design apps 

Keen to get drawing or design on apps? Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or more advanced user, there are plenty of options (some with fresh updates) to explore: 

  • Sketches School App (beginner)
  • Microsoft Paint 3D (intermediate-advanced)
  • Google Chrome Canvas (intermediate-advanced)

Sketches School - BEGINNER

Perfect for the beginner design app user, Sketches School (sometimes known as Tayasui Sketches School) is a free drawing app that's available on iPad, Mac and android devices. Sketches School allows students to draw, create and see the results of various brush types, media and effects. You can also import files and rework them. Keen to explore your inner Picasso? Learn more about Sketches School in Issue 5 of magazine.t4l 


This app is not only a terrific update on the tried and trusted Microsoft Paint app, it also allows you to turn your designs into a 3D object, with an option to 3D print them. Go one step further and put your design into the real world – mixing your design with reality in an amazing Augmented Reality (AR) experience using the 3D viewer option. You can even record the process to play back later. Paint 3D is a standard install to the 3D Paint section on the latest version of Windows 10, available to DoE NSW users.

The handy Remix 3D panel can also start you off with shapes, templates and designs: 

  • Great design tool
  • Customise, decorate and share 3D objects
  • Develops spatial literacy
  • Stylus is recommended for greater detail and consistency

Works with: Windows 10 

Curriculum links: English, CAPA, Design and Technology, Science and Technology K-6.


Take the ‘Introduction to 3D Paint’ course in the Microsoft Educator Centre

Book a stem.T4L 3D printing kit to turn your students’ ideas into reality!




On a Chromebook? Never fear, the T4L team have you covered! With all the essential features, including layers, numerous pen and texture types and the full palette of colours, Chrome Canvas turns any device in to a digital canvas. Like the classic Google Docs, there are no excess features or menus to distract young drawers and it is easy, simple and intuitive to navigate.

Want to know more about how you can create with technology in the classroom? Read our creativity issue (Issue 5) of magazine.t4l.