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Accessible learning with Apple

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Getting to know Apple’s accessibility features  

iPad and Mac have a whole range of tools built in to make sure that all students can access the curriculum - accommodating learning styles and physical and learning differences. 

Spoken content  

Hearing the word you’re reading can scaffold students' thinking and support learning differences and learning styles. You can even highlight the words that are being read to reinforce the connection between the word and its meaning.

Learn more about enabling Spoken Content on iPad.


Anywhere you can see the keyboard on iPad you can dictate. Students (and teachers!) can use this to help learn how to spell tricky words, or to get their ideas down quickly.

Learn more about dictation on iPad.

Voice Control  

Being able to control your iPad, completely by voice is an incredible feature to support learners with physical challenges - watch this story here.

Learn more about Voice Control.

Supporting students with dyslexia 
Apple spoke with Australian teachers strategies to support students with dyslexia on iPad or Mac - hear one Australian teacher's story here.

Looking for more information?

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