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T4L top 4 in 5 words or less!

T4L team member supporting a teacher in a workshop


We've researched, we've played, here's what's to stay!


We love Dash! Perfect for teaching block-based coding in stages 2 and 3. Plus, he’s extra cute. Simple setup and connectivity through iPad. A great hands-on way to tackle digital technology outcomes.

  • Simple setup
  • Easy connectivity
  • Block-based coding
  • Apple Swift Playgrounds compatible
  • A robot with personality!


This hand-held microprocessor can be used to create just about anything. Micro:bit uses MakeCode (Amongst other programming interfaces), is future-focused and great for PBL and an excellent protoyping tool.

  • Creative
  • Microsoft MakeCode Compatible
  • Great for PBL
  • Future-focused
  • Excellent prototyping tool

Lego EV3

Students can construct and test their models. Versatile high-end robotics kit, good for data-logging and perfect for constructive PBL. Suitable for stages 3 to 6.

In 5 simple words:

  • Constructive
  • Versatile
  • Suits datalogging tasks
  • Project Based Learning
  • Creative

Mircosoft Teams

The T4L crew swears by Teams. A rich collaborative tool – whether you’re across a myriad of projects, or setting class projects, the potential is there!

  • Collaborate online
  • Coordinate assignments and learning materials
  • Create planners
  • Share files
  • Start conversations