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Lesson ideas with the stem.T4L PC Robotics Kit

A microbit soil moisture sensor measuring moist level in the soil in the vegetable garden

with stem.T4L Leader, Brett Kent, Senior Education Officer

Building a soil moisture sensor using micro:bit

Kindergarten students from Glenfield Public School were growing beans as part of their classroom science lessons. The soil moisture sensor’ lesson that can be found on the stem.T4L Learning Library is usually completed with Stage 3 and 4 students, however there was a real world application for this kindergarten class. The students went about making the sensor with the micro:bit and applying the appropriate code. The students and teacher were able to step right out of their usual lesson sequence and apply this due to the support provided with the stem.T4L kit.

OZObots and storytelling - Stages 1 and 2

Kindergarten students from Mortlake Public School used the OZObots to act out the sequence of events from a familiar story. This activity consolidated their understanding of sequencing and narrative story structure, whilst introducing simple coding and analytical thinking.

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