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AI in education

AI Data Safari attendees are doing a workshop at Google


Artificial intelligence is already in education. The T4L team in conjunction with other teams within the Department, The University of Newcastle, The University of Wollongong and Intel took teachers and principals on a ‘data safari’ to learn more from our leading academics and industry partners.

Do you know the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? The T4L team recently went on a ‘data safari’ with teachers and principals, exploring these ideas at a roundtable with leading academics from across Australia, experts in the field and our very own teachers. The group discussed the latest on AI in education, and explored its potential with our industry partners including Google, Adobe, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft. What did we learn? Well, AI is certainly a part of everyday life now, even if you didn’t know it. So next time you are using social media, Google Forms or Abode’s Sensei you are probably using AI. There’s more discussion to come around ethics and use in the classroom. Stay tuned for a special issue on AI in magazine.T4L.