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Minecraft - classroom ideas!

Minecraft tutorial world

M:EE 30-minute challenges

Are you keen to dip your toe in the Minecraft pond without diving deep? The Minecraft team have developed a menu of quick 30-minute challenges you could run in one lesson. Each of them assumes students begin in an empty world, and is a great way to assess your students’ current skill level in Minecraft. Take a peek, there is sure to be one that links directly with your focus KLA!

Our favourite worlds

Getting to know some of the advanced features of Minecraft could seem a little intimidating but with the plethora of tutorial worlds available, you can learn on the go with your students. Why not explore the chemistry features of Minecraft by jumping in to the World of Chemistry or simply Tutorial World? You don't need to know more than your students, and showing you are a learner too might just get your students sharing their tips and tricks with you! 

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