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Navigating Microsoft Cloud Workflows: Productivity and Collaboration Part 2

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Join us for this second part in our series of webinars, as we deep dive into the intricacies of Microsoft Cloud Workflows, focusing on essential areas that can transform the way you handle files and collaborate.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Students and File Sharing: Explore best practices for students to effectively share files within the Microsoft Cloud environment. Foster seamless collaboration and empower student engagement.
  • Harnessing Assignments: Unlock the potential of using assignments through Microsoft Teams. Learn how to streamline task distribution, submission, and grading processes.
  • Prioritising File Security: Understand file security measures within Microsoft Teams & Sharepoint.
  • File Deletion and Recovery: Discover how to confidently manage file deletion and recovery procedures within Microsoft Teams & Sharepoint. Ensure a safety net for accidental deletions.
  • Private Spaces Utilisation: Learn about utilising private spaces effectively within Microsoft Teams. Keep sensitive files and information secure while promoting controlled access.
  • Planning School File Organisation: Discuss strategies for organising your school files efficiently. Building towards an orderly digital environment for enhanced accessibility and collaboration.