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stem.T4L Tablet Robotics kit unpacked

Kids working with table robots

Are you ready to take your students' STEM skills to the next level?

Join us in this webinar as we introduce the brand new 2023 Tablet Robotics Kit, complete with Lego Spike Essentials! This kit will engage students from K-6 in meaningful ways to develop computational thinking and coding skills.

What you can expect from this webinar:

  • Live demo of some of the key components of the Tablet Robotics kit, including the new Lego Spike Essentials
  • Tips and tricks for getting started with the kit
  • Thoughts and ideas from T4L experts on how to get the most out of your kit in the school
  • Uncover key skills students will develop whilst using this kit
  • Discover the support resources available to facilitate your students' learning journey