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Minecraft Education as an educational tool

Minecraft Education

Unlock the full potential of Minecraft Education with this mini masterclass! 

This session is designed to help teachers explore the many ways that Minecraft Education can be used to enhance student learning, creativity, and engagement. This is for beginners, no prior knowledge is needed.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the basics of Minecraft Education and how to access this powerful tool in your classroom
  • Be guided through examples of how Minecraft Education can be used to support virtual journeys across various curriculum areas and help students build their knowledge and skills
  • Tap into the limitless creativity of your students with Minecraft Education, using it as a virtual sandbox for their ideas

If you can’t make this time, register to receive a link to the recording to watch on-demand after the event.

To explore more ways to use Minecraft in the classroom take a peek at the special T4L Kids Design Your Space Minecraft Education Edition!