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Unpacking the 2023 stem.T4L Aeroponics kit

Stem.T4L aeroponics kit

Have you just received the brand new 2023 stem.T4L Aeroponics kit, or are due to receive one later in the year? In this webinar you will learn all about what’s included in the kit and the support resources available.

The kit is designed to get students thinking scientifically, learn about how food grows and to consider alternative ways of food production. Be inspired as you join the stem.T4L team for this jam-packed webinar that will set you up for success in 2023!

What can you expect from this webinar?

  • Live unpacking of all the key elements inside the new Aeroponics kit with the stem.T4L team 
  • Gain tips and tricks to get started 
  • Understand the key milestones in the growing process and what to expect over the semester 
  • Discover the plethora of resources available to support you and your students’ food production journey inside the stem.T4L learning library