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T4L Event – Book Week: take your character from the page into 3D - Digital Incursion stages 2-4

students learning about technology together

This online incursion for students and teachers is all about creating characters and understanding story. This session works well in an English or STEM classroom - but your character can take you on adventures through many curriculum areas. 

Join the T4L and stem.T4L teams including children’s author Yvette Poshoglian in an interactive session exploring: 

  • how to create a character in writing and how to publish your story online using Pages, Keynote, Word, PowerPoint, Everyone’s an Author and more 

  • how to transform your character from the page to 2D to 3D using design tools both online and off 

  • how to unpack the T4L Kids magazinesEveryone’s an Author program, the creating character Learning Challenge and some inspiration from a book you love for ideas 

  • ways to share your character with others 


Teacher instructions before attending 

  1. Ensure students have a device or paper handy for ideas and notes for later..

  2. Ask students to think about their favourite book and book character.

  3. Talk with your students about the expected behaviour for everyone using and publishing with online tools.

  4. Students will need to have viewed video 1 – Creating Characters from the Everyone’s an Author program. This can be viewed in class on in an online meeting posted in Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or sent via email.

  5. Students will need access to the Creating Characters Learning Journal (we recommend having it downloaded on their device). It is available in Pages format for iPad and Mac and PDF for other devices. 

If using within the classroom we recommend having the webinar showing on a standalone machine, panel or projector to enable your students to actively follow along on their device. 

If you are planning to use this incursion as part of a learning from home experience, simply click to register and share the webinar link with your students. Note students will not have camera or microphone access. Please also remind students not to use their full name when logging in.

Simply click below to register with your Department of Education email address and you will receive an email confirmation with your link to join on the day. 

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