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Managing and personalising learning with Microsoft

Teacher and student learning together with technology

Participation in this one-hour hands-on workshop /webinar will support teachers to build upon their digital classroom foundation, helping them to use Microsoft technology tools to plan for, manage and personalise learning.   

This instructor-led session will focus on using Microsoft applications in the classroom to support management and personalisation of learning for students. 

Participants will use these tools to create, modify and differentiate a learning activity for students: 

  • Microsoft OneDrive as a hub for collaboration and a platform to access and coordinate learning 
  • Microsoft OneNote as a critical collaborative digital portfolio tool for teachers and students to effectively manage and monitor learning experiences in the classroom 
  • Microsoft Forms is a key assessment and feedback tool. 

All attendees will complete a reflection of the experience and intended application of their learning, post-course completion. 

Simply click below to register with your Department of Education email address and you will receive an email confirmation with your link to join on the day. 

Event cancelled

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Please note this session is being delivered by Microsoft Education Team (not the NSW Department of Education). If you have any concerns, questions, ideas, or thoughts after the session, please contact the T4L team.

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