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stem.T4L filming kit - an introduction


Join this stem.T4L session to explore technologies and opportunities for learning when they unpack the stem.T4L Kit. We will look at apps and programs including Touchcast Studio and iMovie with a sneak peek at the Student Filmmaker online course.

The session is open to those who have booked the kit, or those who maybe just thinking about it.

The session will unveil the:

  • technology, the connections and how to make it work
  • stem.T4L Learning Library and its curriculum connected resources
  • ongoing support available to schools through the stem.T4L Project.

You may choose to enter this in eTAMs and align it as Elective Professional Development to:

6.2.2 - Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities

Simply click below to register with your Department of Education email address and you will be sent an email confirmation with your link to join on the day. 

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