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#HourofCode Minecraft Education Edition digital incursion

A student with brown hair sitting at a desk and looking at her laptop learning about technology with Minecraft

During the #HourofCode will your students be ready for some Minecraft world building?

Join the Microsoft team for this online digital incursion where you and your students will explore the engaging and empowering world of Minecraft Education Edition.

Minecraft Education Edition (M:EE) is an immersive tool available to NSW DoE students and teachers that provides the opportunity for students to design, create, prototype as well as develop key coding skills!

In this webinar students will:

  • learn the basics of M:EE

  • explore meaningful ways to use coding and computational thinking skills to solve problems and extend Minecraft builds

  • utilise Microsoft Makecode within M:EE to help nearby villagers

  • plus throughout students will practise key social skills as well as developing their programming capabilities 

To make the most out of this session your students will need:

  • a device connected to the internet with M:EE Installed (and logged in) 

  • all the details of how to obtain and install M:EE can be found in the Minecraft Edition of T4L Kids Magazine

  • students will also need a M:EE license which can be obtained following the instructions on this intranet site - Minecraft Education Edition (

If using within the classroom we recommend having the webinar showing on a standalone machine, panel or projector to enable your students to actively follow along on their device

These events are designed for teachers/students to pause the examples on screen, so they can implement them live during the session. They can then resume the stream when they’re ready to provide a tailored learning experience.

If you are planning to use this incursion as part of a learning from home experience, simply click to register and share the webinar link with your students.

Simply click below to register with your Department of Education email address and you will receive an email confirmation with your link to join on the day. 

Register now!

Please note this session is being delivered by the Microsoft for Education Team (not the NSW Department of Education). If you have any concerns, questions, ideas, or thoughts after the session, please contact the T4L team.