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Micro:bit - a stem.T4L introduction

Looking to learn more about the Micro:bit? During this session, students will explore the input and output features of the Micro:bit. They will be guided through using the online MakeCode tutorials to design a flashing name badge to demonstrate a simple loop, using LEDS as output and learning how to load programs to the Micro:bit. After completing the first tutorial, students will create a digital version of the game 'Paper, Scissors, Rock'. This will allow them to experience using the built-in accelerometer, if/else blocks and variables in their algorithm.

This session is suitable for Stages 2 and up. Students will need access to a computer, the internet and the Micro:bit. Resources for this session can be found in the stem.T4L Learning Library on Board 1196. After this session, you may enjoy completing this Learning Challenge – Wearable Technology. The stem.T4L site has more teacher professional learning and support available.

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