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Makey Makey / Tynker - a stem.T4L introduction

Let’s design our own input device using the Makey Makey and Tynker! Today’s session will combine the Makey Makey and Tynker to develop a new type of musical instrument using the student’s own name. Students will use graphite pencils and paper to create an input device to control the code they create in Tynker. Students will be guided through incorporating examples of branching and user input into their algorithms.

Suitable for Stages 2 and up. Students will need paper, graphite pencil, a Makey Makey kit and a computer with internet access. We will be using the free version Tynker but if you would like to evaluate the Tynker Pro licence you can check with your local STEM leader. 

Resources for this session can be found in the stem.T4L Learning Library on Board 1196. You may enjoy this Learning Challenge – Fruit Orchestra. The stem.T4L site has more teacher professional learning and support available.

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