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EV3 - a stem.T4L introduction

During this session, students will be introduced to the EV3 motors and sensors and participate in building a ’quick build robot’.

This will form the driving base of their smart car prototype. Students will be guided through programming their motors to drive their car forwards using the EV3 software. Their next challenge will be to incorporate a sensor as an added safety feature, stopping their car from hitting an obstacle.

This session is suitable for Stages 2 and up. Students will need the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit and a computer with EV3 software. 

Resources for this session can be found in the stem.T4L Learning Library on Board 1196. After this session, you may continue the learning in this Learning Challenge – Smart Car. Find out more about teacher professional learning sessions for the PC Robotics kit in the stem.T4L Learning Library.

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