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Dash – a stem.T4L introduction

During a series of challenges, students will become familiar with Dash’s different inputs and outputs and learn to program the motors and sensors using the Blocky app on the iPad. Students will need space for this challenge and access to a chair. After successfully completing basic challenges such as coding Dash to drive around a chair, students will progress through increasingly difficult challenges that require them to program Dash’s sensors.

During this session, we will cover coding concepts of branching, iteration and user input. Suitable for students in Stages 2 and up. Students will need access to Dash, iPad with Blockly app, a chair and space. 

Resources for this session can be found in the stem.T4L Learning Library on Board 1196. You may enjoy this Learning Challenge – Our Robotic Helper. The stem.T4L site has more teacher professional learning and support available.

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