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Coding kit - a stem.T4L introduction

Have you ever wanted to create digital multimodal texts with your students but aren’t sure how to start? The stem.T4L leaders will guide your students to use the features in Tynker to create an interactive animation where two characters tell each other a joke. Students will learn the basics of coding so that they are able to complete future storytelling projects in Tynker. Prior to this session, we encourage students to brainstorm their favourite joke to provide character dialogue.

Ambitious coders can customise their animations by adding sound effects and make the characters react to the punch-line by animating their characters laughing. Students can also use Tynker’s drawing tools to create their own characters and even create multiple costumes for each character. This session is suitable for Stages 2 and up. Students will need access to a computer and the internet. We will be using the free version of Tynker but if you would like to evaluate the Tynker Pro licence, please check in with your local STEM leader.

Resources for this session are in the stem.T4L Learning Library on Board 1196. You may also enjoy the Learning Challenge – Australian Histories, in the same location and you can find out more about teacher professional learning sessions for the Coding kit.

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