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T4L #ScienceWeek Incursion - Create the journey of the sea turtle - using Ozobot

Students will learn how to create a story map based on the picture book 'The Journey of the Sea Turtle' and code their Ozobot to safely navigate the long journey as the turtle. Students will use colour coding with markets to move the turtle around obstacles or threats. This activity enables ES1 and S1 students to consolidate their understanding of systems thinking.

This class activity will be lead by stem.T4L leaders. You and your students are invited to attend - just register, receive the link and zoom your way in. The only requirements are:

  • A screen/projector where you and your students can see/watch the stem.T4L leader.
  • Speakers to ensure the students can hear the instructions.
  • Internet to ensure a continuous connection.
  • Those crazy Ozobots(!)

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