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T4L #ScienceWeek Incursion - Identifying ocean animals - a Blue-Bot adventure

Calling all students with Blue-Bots! National Science Week 2020's theme Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans needs your help to identify ocean animals.

This class activity will be lead by stem.T4L leaders. You and your students are invited to attend. - just register, receive the link and zoom your way in. The only requirements are:

  • A screen/projector where you and your students can see/watch the stem.T4L leader.
  • Speakers to ensure students can hear instructions.
  • Internet to ensure a continuous connection.
  • Those trusty Blue-Bots(!)

Students will explore living things by discussing which animals live in the ocean. Students will then identify the ocean animals on a supplied Blue-Bot mat. Students will build and debug algorithms to successfully guide their Blue-Bot around the mat. This activity allows ES1 and S1 to build and consolidate computational thinking skills, communication skills and links to living things science outcomes.

Register now!