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STEMaSESH Secondary Webinar: Who Cares About Rocks Anyway?

In this week's STEMaSESH virtual excursion with Geoscience Australia staff, you and your students will:

  • Meet Dr Margi Sweeney, geologist, and find out about her path to working with Geoscience Australia.
  • Learn to love rocks (at least a little bit) and the stories they can tell us.
  • Use a model of the processes of rock formation, and critique it.
  • Consider the modern techniques used to help us to understand the geology deep beneath our feet.

What do we need:

  • Wax crayons (or candles). Note: this activity could also be done using chocolate if it is safe to do so in your environment.
  • Graters/peelers.
  • Aluminium foil.
  • Heat source such as matches (long ones recommended).
  • 2x containers – one for cold/icy water (add ice cubes if possible).
  • and one for hot water.
  • Sheets of plain paper.

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