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Exploring accessibility tools across platforms

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There are many tools across platforms that can make your classrooms and resources more accessible than ever. We also have a range of upcoming webinars that you can participate in to help boost your knowledge in this area. More students are coming to school with a varying array of abilities. Educators are exploring new ways to not only support these learners, but to also personalise every student’s learning experience.

How can I incorporate accessibility into my teaching? 

You can make some simple changes to make your classroom more accessible. Simple things like increasing font size, changing colour schemes and font type can be quick changes to support differentiated learners. Have you considered using audio narration or dictation functions in your resources or feedback and assessment? These additions to your classroom resources can improve accessibility for your students. 

Sharing information from our vendor partners

There are a variety of tools across Microsoft, Google and Apple products to enhance accessibility. 

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers specialised tools to improve user function and experience for the inclusive classroom. Using the Office 365 suite of applications, teachers have access to some amazing accessibility tools that are enabled across platforms such as Word, OneNote, Forms, Edge Browser, Teams and Office Lens.  


Apple has a range of tools and resources that allow all students to create, communicate, personalise and explore in new and powerful ways. 

Google also has a range of tools to support differentiated learning in the digital classroom, through Google Classroom, Forms and Docs and Google Workspace.

Join a webinar in Week 9, Term 3

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