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Learn more about micro:bit

Student holding microbit

What piece of technology is SO tiny yet has SO much power to transform your classroom? The little micro:bit gets students coding in no time! 

What is it? 

A micro:bit is a miniature computer or micro-controller. Using coding, students can get the micro:bit to do loads of things – it's all about how they input the code to create an outcome that they want. It was invented by the BBC in 2012 and is now a global phenomenon. 

What’s in a micro:bit? 

Every micro:bit is packed with in-built features: 

• Bluetooth  

• USB connectivity  

• light sensor  

• programmable buttons  

• accelerometer  

• 25 individual LEDs  

• compass  

• temperature sensor 

How do you use it in the classroom? 

Micro:bit develops key skills in students which have real-life applications. ‘It’s a problem-solver in a box,’ says Joachim Cohen from the T4L team.  

Coding using micro:bit is a gateway to explore:  

• Prototyping and design  

• Problem-solving  

• Internet of Things (connecting devices to make the world smarter)  

Get involved in the Global Challenge 

Could your students prototype real-world solutions to two of the UN Global Goals by using a micro:bit (online or actual hardware)? There are two age group categories and students have up until July 31, 2021 to enter. 

Learn more about the Global Challenge in Issue 14 of magazine.T4L

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