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Getting started with Numbers on iPad or Mac

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If you’re an iPad or Mac user but haven’t fully explored the potential of Numbers, here’s some of our top tips and resources to boost your confidence.  

Much more than a spreadsheet

Numbers is so much more than well – numbers. Numbers is a creative tool that does so much more than add or subtract. Think of it as a smart infinite whiteboard – a great way to collect a whole bunch of different data, media and ideas and of course a spreadsheet with numbers, formulae and graphs.  Best of all, you can make the document as tall or as wide as you need and easily move things around and organise content, plus you can add loads of added layers of smarts!  

Explore all the features of Numbers 

In Apple Teacher (don't forget to check T&Cs) there are plenty of features to explore in Numbers and you can earn badges as you go. Here are some of the components of the Numbers Badge: 

  • The Basics 

  • Formatting 

  • Formulas 

  • Functions 

  • Charts 

  • Shapes 

  • Drawing 

  • Recording Media 

  • Sheets 


Classroom connections  

Within the Formulas section you will find some innovative ways to connect Numbers into your classroom: 

  • use Numbers to record daily weather data and create weekly and monthly totals. Then take it to the next level as you compare, contrast and predict. 

  • use Numbers to keep track of how your class moves. Create a cycling log, a walking journal or anything in between. 


Get creative with Numbers 

Think you can’t be creative with numeracy? Have a look at these fun ways to incorporate numbers into your student activities. 

  • See how you can coordinate student learning experiences with the power of Numbers! (you need to be signed into Apple Teacher) - Rap for Deeper Understanding at the Apple Teacher Learning Centre.

  • This handy guide will inspire you to integrate Numbers across the curriculum. 

NB - the above resources are not endorsed by the NSW Department of Education, but have been provided in order to provide the opportunity to build skills and dexterity with Apple tools.