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Are you a Google Docs fan? Create even better Docs this year

Google Docs harness the power of the web to allow you to work collaboratively. Docs makes the writing process simple and fast, all right within your browser, with no additional software required. Docs is easy to use, but here are some quick tips to really help fire up your usage. 

7 hot Google Docs tips 

  • Share a Doc to allow up to 100 people to edit simultaneously. Just click the Share button, enter the names or email addresses of the people you want to work with, and choose whether you want them to edit, comment or just view the document. So simple!

  • The Web is built right into Google Docs with features like the Explore tool, which puts the power of Google Search directly into your Docs, or intelligent writing tools that help you create your best work. You can even easily translate a Doc into other languages! 

  • Inserting images from almost any source is easy thanks to the tight integration with Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Image Search, or even directly from your computer’s webcam. 

  • Type by talking using the inbuilt Voice Typing feature in Docs. Without any special software or training, Docs can accurately turn your words in text (although you do need to use the Chrome browser). Just speak and see your words magically appear on the screen! 

  • Every Doc has a Version History for a complete record of every edit made to it, so you can easily see who made changes, when they made them, or even “roll back” to an earlier version of the Doc.

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