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STEMaSESH - Hands on Virtual Excursions with STEM professionals

3 STEM Experts one with VR Goggles on


Are you keen to connect your students with STEM experts?

Every Thursday, the stem.T4L team will host a virtual excursion with a STEM specialist. These sessions will not be the usual passive experiences, with heaps of hands-on action every session!

The STEM specialists will discuss their careers, talk about their research and then set a task for students to complete during the workshop.

Each session will provide links to Science and Technology (K-6) and Digital Technologies syllabuses (7-10), with a session at 11 am for primary students and 2 pm for secondary students.

Register by clicking on the links to each week’s event below (more will be added soon). You will then be sent a Zoom meeting link which you can use to present the session on your digital panel or projector, or share with students if they are learning from home.

For more information and teacher resources, and to ensure you have all the resources you need for the session, please visit the stem.T4L learning library and search for board 1084