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Joe's top 5 at EduTECH!

Top 5

Intrepid T4L innovator Joe Cohen rounds up his top 5 events outside the DoE channels! If you missed EduTECH live, you can still catch up with all the great content on-demand during the rest of Term 4 and even for Staff Development Days in Term 1, 2021. 


Joe’s top 5


  1. Empowering the humans of the future: hope and vision in a tech-filled, AI world: are we preparing our students for 2030 or 2000? Learn how we might need to shake up education for the future.
  2. Evidence-based learning spaces: this session shares ideas and the evidence to help transform your space for learning.
  3. Artificial intelligence in education: what’s the impact of AI on the classroom? Is it as smart as we think? What do we need to be mindful of?
  4. The power of serious games for planning, preparing and predicting the future: how can virtual simulations like Minecraft provide opportunities for real learning and problem solving?
  5. The top tools for learning 2020 – and what they tell us about learning in the new normal: has the digital classroom landscape changed forever? Is Zoom number one? Get excited and consider adding some new and effective digital tools into your toolchest!



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